We are a school-based Preschool located in the main administration building of Northfield Primary School.

We operate during school terms.

Children attend 2 full days and a half day per week.

Full days are 8:45 to 3:00

AM half days are 8:45 to 11:15

PM half days are 12:30 to 3:00

Group 1 attend full days Monday and Tuesday and choice of half day on either Thursday am, pm or Friday am (depending on numbers per session).

Group 2 attend full days Thursday and Friday and choice of half day on either Monday am, pm, or Tuesday am (depending on numbers per session).

Early entry is accommodated within Department for Education guidelines.


Our Preschool is staffed by qualified Early Childhood Teachers and Early Childhood Education Workers. As a school-based preschool, the Principal acts as our Director. Current staff photos and names can be viewed on our notice board.


The Early Years Learning Framework is a National Early Childhood Curriculum which broadly outlines the kinds of skills, knowledge and dispositions required for lifelong learning.  

We use the Department for Education, Literacy and Numeracy Indicators, the Child Protection Curriculum and Respect, Reflect, Relate documents to inform our planning. 

Our Preschool curriculum is play-based with a strong nature play philosophy.  We work in partnership with families to ensure children’s strengths, interests and needs are incorporated in our program.



The School Vision Statement developed during whole site consultation in 2019: The Northfield P-7 school community work collaboratively to develop lifelong learners and peace leaders through rigorous* teaching and learning”. *At Northfield we define ‘rigour’ as intentional, consistent, informed practice.

*In preschool, rigour is found in children’s play. “Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul” (Frobel, 1912)

At Northfield Preschool we value each child and understand that their prior learning is unique and important.  We focus on developing the whole child in regards to their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language abilities. We draw from best practice research and approved early childhood frameworks to provide a rich and varied approach for children in our teaching and learning context. Developing lifelong learners is evident in the language we use with children and families to instil positive dispositions and a growth mindset for children to become confident and capable learners.

Rigorous teaching and learning in our preschool means that children are engaged in play that stems from their interests, connects to their knowledge and builds on their strengths. We know that children learn best in safe and supported environments where adults take the time to nurture and promote positive relationships with children and their families by getting to know them, sharing stories and being responsive to all children’s needs. Intentional teaching involves our staff to be deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in our decisions and actions. This means we challenge our practices by researching, reflecting and evaluating what we do.

Northfield Primary School is dedicated to building a positive community which is based on respectful relationships and a sense of belonging and inclusion. Our Peace Code messages are how we support everyone to work and play together. We explicitly teach executive functioning which allows students to learn the skills required to be peace makers and be the best learners they can be at all times. Our seven Peace Code messages are: care for myself and others, find help, do the right thing, turn things around, be a peacemaker, speak kindly and be brave.