Peace Code

Northfield Primary School is dedicated to building a positive community which is based on respectful relationships and a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Our Peace Code messages are how we support everyone to work and play together. We explicitly teach executive function which allows students to learn the skills required to be peace makers and be the best learners they can be at all times.

Our seven Peace Code messages are:

  • Care for myself and others
  • Find help
  • Do the right thing
  • Turn things around
  • Be a peacemaker
  • Speak kindly
  • Be brave

How we contribute to developing ‘Peace Code’ messages: 

  • Setting up for success explicit teaching at the beginning of each term
  • What’s the Buzz (social skills program)
  • Child Protection Curriculum
  • Neuroscience in every classroom: Explicit teaching of executive function
  • Consistent use of language and expectations by all staff and students, all day everyday
  • Peace Leaders working with children at recess and lunch time
  • Peace Code awards at assemblies

Anti Bullying Policy

Department of Education Behaviour Support Policy


Speak kindly

Showing good manners, giving compliments and praising others, using a peaceful or calm voice, using peaceful language

Be a peace maker

Using peaceful language, listening to others, accepting responsibility for my behaviour

Turn things around

Choosing to follow the Peace Code, planning to make things better and doing it, forgiving and forgetting

Do the right thing

Following the Peace Code, being prepared, getting myself ready, tidying up my mess, Having peaceful hands and peaceful feet

Be brave

Being honest with myself and others, speaking up, being myself, standing up for myself, accepting the consequences for my behaviour, being proud of my successes (and building on them)

Care for myself and others

Helping and assisting others, being neat and tidy, being active, accepting differences, looking after belongings

Find help

Sharing my feelings with someone I trust, listening to advice, asking for help