Communications and Reporting

Communication between families and educators is extremely important for student success. We know that families know their children best and value both the child and families contributions to the learning environment.

We report on student progress in many different ways:

  • Seesaw: daily, weekly
  • Reports: twice a year
  • Family Interviews: twice a year

These are our formal forms of reporting. We also talk to families face to face and over the phone. Families can make a time to meet with leadership and teaching staff at any time of the year.

Our main channel for school news is the weekly school newsletter.

School and teacher to parent communication is via email.

Alerts will be sent via SMS.

Make sure you inform the school if your contact details change. 


We use the Seesaw app for sharing student work with parents. Search for the Seesaw app on your device’s app store. Seesaw requires an invitation from your child’s teacher in order to subscribe.

For more information visit

School Stream

We are inviting you to download the School Stream app on your phone to be able to access school information at any time. Communication from school to home will be accessible to you all the time.

Once you have downloaded the app onto your device you will receive alerts in real time in regards to Excursions, Notices, Important Updates, Newsletters and more.

You will also be able to contact the school through the app if your child is sick through the absentee form.

Parents also have the option of having some of the information translated into their own language through their settings in the app.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to see Cindy or Cassie in the front office or I am sure your son/daughter will be able to help you access this on your device.

For detailed instructions, please visit