Together, we look forward to a future that acknowledges, values and respects everyone.

Northfield Primary celebrates our Aboriginal Culture ensuring all cultures are a part of this learning and celebration. Aboriginal perspectives are taught through the Australian Curriculum and we celebrate events on the Aboriginal Calendar.

Northfield Primary School’s Aboriginal Community Education Officer and Aboriginal Education Teacher works alongside staff and families to provide an environment that supports and empowers our Aboriginal students to ensure success while acknowledging the unique richness of Aboriginal Culture and history.

  • Demonstrate commitment to recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture as the First Nations.
  • Participate in events on the Aboriginal calendar such as NAIDOC Week, National Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day and Mabo Day.
  • Access to learning and quality of learning.
  • Working collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations both locally and nationally.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait perspectives across the Australian Curriculum.
  • Awareness of social and cultural needs and issues.