Room 7

Term 3 Overview

This term we will continue 'Head Space' beginning at 9:00 am, students will have the chance to catch up on unfinished work or spend time working in small groups with teachers. The purpose of this is to give students the chance to mentally prepare for a day of learning and seek further assistance in subjects or topics they find challenging. At 9:30am, regular academic programming will commence.

Our focus areas for numeracy this term will be time and measurement, looking at scale, area and perimeter. We are also introducing money with an interactive incentive program called 'Class Currency', which enables students to handle and calculate money while accumulating amounts based on either fines or rewards. In literacy, we will look at creative writing using a range of language features, we will continue guided reading groups along with a class novel and film study on the movie Holes. We will also be looking at student activism including contacting local parliament and developing action plans.

Students will continue to be involved in the child protection curriculum which will cover a range of topics, some of which will be confronting and contain mature subject matter.

Our inquiry focus for this term is interest based, students will be individually presenting an inquiry project of their choice to a selected audience. We will also be completing a 'War on Waste' project during HASS, where students will work in teams to come up with a mission for the school to improve sustainability and reduce waste. Students will investigate various Australian parties’ policies and how they align with them.

Students are participating in a science expo which will be held in week 4, in Performing Arts students will have a choice of 3 projects to complete for the term, whilst preparing for end of year concert. Visual Arts will involve mini projects each fortnight along with a term long project involving collecting and using recyclables for a main piece.