Room 6

Term 2 Overview

Setting Up For Success

In the first two weeks of Term 2 your child will be participating in a "Setting Up for Success" program. This program is designed to allow your child to develop a powerful learning environment for the year ahead and help us make informed decisions about their educational needs. Your child will partake in a range of activities including: neuroscience, the peace code, problem solving, communicating, team building and mindfulness tasks to develop their organisation and collaboration skills, as well as positive learning habits.

Term 2 Information

This term we will be trialing a new morning routine called 'Head Space'. Beginning at 9:00am, students will have the opportunity to engage in various problem solving games, critical and creative thinking exercises and physical exercises as well as the chance to catch up on unfinished work or spend time working in small groups with teachers. The purpose of this is to give students the chance to mentally prepare for a day of learning and seek further assistance in subject or topics they find challenging. At 9:30am, regular academic programming will commence.

Our focus areas for numeracy this term will be number, plotting points using a Cartesian plane as well as work around scale and mapping. In literacy, students will be focusing on various genres of poetry, formal and informal letter writing and exposition-style texts. Our reading focus will be based heavily around creating interest through different forms of text.

Students will also be involved in the child protection curriculum which will cover a range of topics, some of which will be confronting and contain mature subject matter.

Our inquiry focus for this term is based around creating a community garden for Northfield Primary School, where students will be in teams creating a proposal for their idea and presenting this to classmates and school leadership. We will also be covering civics and citizenship by exploring systems of government both in Australia and abroad.

We're looking forward to a busy, yet exciting term 2 at Northfield!