Northfield Preschool Philosophy Statement

Educators at Northfield Preschool value each child and understand that his/her prior learning is unique and important. We seek to work together with families to understand and respect the strengths, interests and aspirations of children, their cultures and communities. Positive relationships between educators, children and families hold the key to achieving the best outcomes for all. Knowing that all children can be confident, successful learners is our core business.

Programming for learning in the preschool is play based and informed by Belonging, Being and Becoming - The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the DECD Preschool literacy and numeracy indicators.

Our preschool Quality Improvement Plan is aligned to our school Site Improvement Plan where learning intention is the guiding principle. We are using the Literacy and Numeracy Indicators to inform our teaching. The Northfield Preschool team are committed to continuous improvement via rigorous reflective practices ensuring a holistic planning and evaluating cycle is implemented.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environment provides intentional learning that challenges, stretches and provokes curiosity of children within open ended experiences. We are mindful of all children and their capabilities. We adjust our teaching strategies to support each child.

The Northfield Preschool team work collaboratively within the school and wider community. We network with outside agencies to support children and families learning and wellbeing. As a staff team we are committed to regular professional development to support our development plans and future directions.