Performing Arts

The Arts play a vital role in making sure students are engaged by encouraging them to learn in physical and emotional ways and by getting them to work collaboratively with peers. It assists students with speaking and listening as we focus on how we speak to different audiences, how we listen to others, how we project our voice according to the space we are in and how we memorise lines for our parts.

In the past students have been involved in many major school events which include, Northfield 150th Production, Festival Choir 2012, The Wizard of Oz Production in 2013 and prior to this students participated in Wakakiri. Every year students participate in the End of Year School Concert and each class performs an item. This is a major community event and is very successful.

Natasha Ibrahim is our performing arts teacher. She hopes to assist students grow in confidence and improve their skills in Performing Arts. Drama is expression and exploration of personal, cultural and social worlds through role and situation that engages, entertains and challenges. I focus on movement, space, character, role play, expression and body language. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or queries. I look forward to working with your child/ren in assisting them to be their best and to fulfil their goals in Performing Arts.

Term 2 Overview

R-2 - Students will participate in a range of activities to get them to learn about space and self. Each class will vote on a song that they would like to do a dance performance to. Students will work collaboratively to create combinations of movement in groups to communicate and express meaning and I will then teach their choreography to the class. I will assist to put the choreography together to form a structured dance. Once the choreography has been perfected and well-rehearsed students will need to perform their final at assembly. Students will then reflect and respond on their class performance by participating in an assessment activity.

3-5 - Students will contribute in a range of dance activities. They will learn about body control and body awareness, strength, balance and coordination. Students at this level will select a piece of music to create a 2-3 minute class dance. Students should begin to use their creativity to create and combine dance movements to make dance sequences. Literacy skills will be used to share and explain ideas, discuss concepts, work collaboratively, participate in class discussions, write/talk about their dance or other dances and they will use numeracy skills to choreograph and perform their dance. Once the dance has been learnt students in these year levels will participate in a dance battle amongst peers in like year levels. There will be a panel of judges including both staff and students. Students will then reflect, review and respond to their dance performance and will be expected to conduct a self-evaluation.

6-7 - At this level students should be working collaboratively in small groups of no more than 5 and will conduct a project on a dance of their choice (student may choose two different genres of dance). Students will need to do a research assignment on their selected dance/s eg: Tango, Ballet, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Disco etc. Students will need to research using laptops different genres of dance and choose no more than two. They must produce a poster with information coinciding with the question sheet given by me. Students will need to find a piece of appropriate music relating to their dance genre and choreograph a dance sequence using relevant moves associated with their chosen genre. This is where their research is essential. Students will incorporate their literacy and numeracy skills as well as their openness and willingness to research a genre they are not confident with. Students will explore and experiment different dance routines and will need to rehearse to memorise their choreography. Students will perform their dance in front of like year levels and a few groups will be chosen to perform at assembly. Student will reflect, review and respond on what they have achieved by viewing their performance and take part in a self and peer assessment.